Oak City Roots, has a very unique and approachable indie folk-rock sound. Founded in 2013, the group has already written dozens of originals and covers plenty of pop hits from yesterday and today. Oak City Roots has made a name for itself by performing at various venues in the Metro-Detroit area: ARTS BEATS & EATS, DETROIT WINTERFEST, DETROIT RIVERDAYS, STERLINGFEST.


The group has peaked the interest of many local music industry professionals and the group hopes to have its second studio album out soon. Listen to 89.3 FM Making Waves to catch some of Oak City Roots on the Radio. Follow Oak City Roots on Facebook for all the most up to date information.


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These Curious Thoughts - As modern-day pen pals, Sean Dunlop (US) and Jamie Radford (UK) have utilized the Internet to remain in contact and compose their unique songs for over a decade. Being separated by the Atlantic Ocean has had little affect on the productivity of this musical partnership. Radford provides lyrics and inspiration via email for Dunlop who then composes the music. Since 2004, Dunlop and Radford have composed hundreds of songs, and released 10 full length studio albums. TCT was recently listed in Independent Music New's Top Fifty Independent/Unsigned Indie Acts. Currently, their YouTube page has over 50 videos and nearly 20,000 views! TCT takes their music seriously and is interested in partnering with those who are interested in helping them expose their unique sound to the masses.




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Shock of the Cold - Hands Across the Water, Music Across Wi-Fi… would be an accurate depiction of Shock of the Cold (SOTC) – the unique musical collaboration between a Detroit-based rock band and British lyricist, Jamie Radford. Writing, recording, and performing their original compositions for nearly five years, SOTC sustains an image as one of the most experimental, on-the-rise indie rock bands. Shock of the Cold has been compared to the sound of R.E.M, the composition talent of The Beatles, and the musicianship of Phish. SOTC is sure to affect the music industry with their distinctive and creative sound.




No BBQ BBQ began during the summer of 1999. Brad, JP, Sean, Dan, and Sean Nasery started jamming and wrote "Shoeless Man." Joe joined the band during the summer and No BBQ BBQ played its first gig at a graduation party at Club Monte Carlo. After that No BBQ BBQ would play numerous shows and see different band members come and go. By the time the BBQues entered the studio to record "No Shirt, No Shoes," Dave Biliti was drumming. Brad left the band in 2001 to pursue other things. The four remaining, Dan, Sean, Joe, and Dave, reworked the band's sound to became more jam-like. The band gigged for several years and worked on the BBQues second album, "Tales of a Space Troll" which was released in 2004. No BBQ BBQ performed its last gig at Dan's graduation party in the summer of 2004. Since then, the members have gone on to do other things, but have stayed active creating music.




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